All Saints Church Southport Regular Church Services

Below are details of what is happening in the next week or so:

Wednesday 12th May Church open for prayer at 9:45 am and Holy Communion at 10:30        

Sunday 16th May 10:00 am Morning Worship (with John and Steve)                                                                              3:30 pm Holy Communion with Father Tom                             Wednesday 19th May Church hall open for prayer at 9:45 am and Holy Communion at 10:30 (followed by church Annual Meeting at 11 am)   

Sunday 23rd May Pentecost Communion (in the hall) with Canon Roger Wikeley  

For services in church, we all need to:  sanitise our hands on entry, wear a face mask  and  sign in.  We still have to socially distance and exit as directed, with no mingling.


Below are details of our Sunday and Wednesday services.  

Sunday 10:00 am Morning Worship or Holy Communion  

 (Holy Communion takes place usually on the first and third Sundays of each month, and Morning Worship on the second and fourth Sundays.)In both of these services, there is a mixture of the formal and informal, using traditional and modern elements. We seek to make worship welcoming, meaningful and accessible to all who come.                                           Typically, our Morning Worship service lasts for just under an hour, with Holy Communion lasting a little longer.) 

Wednesday 10:30 am Traditional Holy Communion using the order of service taken from the 1662 Book of Common Prayer, this is a quiet and reflective service with no hymns and a short sermon. The church is open before this service for quiet prayer and reflection (from 9:45 am)


If you have any queries about these or any other services, please contact our Local Missional Leader, Alan Buckley on 0758 330 0856